Data Networks

Data Cabling in Wollongong

If you need a structured network cabling system for your business, then Cabling & Wireless Pty Ltd is ideally positioned to provide you with an efficient, completely bespoke solution. Our installers are trained to the highest level of installation expertise and make use of the latest technologies and testing equipment to maximise your productivity and future growth potential.
We use only the best equipment and parts so you can always rest assured that your system architecture is completely state of the art. Furthermore, we make a point of installing every system with the highest possible attention to detail, delivering effective, future-proof solutions designed to meet – or even to exceed – your best expectations.

We are specialists in data networks, including:

• Copper, fibre and W-LAN technology, such as: 
  • Shielded and unshielded copper technology 
  • Category 3 telephony 
  • RF and MATV 
  • Class D/Cat. 5, Class E/Cat 6., and Class F/Cat. 7 
  • Class EA/Cat. 6A and Class FA/Cat. 7A 
  • IP 20 to IP 67 environments 
  • Fully compliant 10G copper solutions 
• Structured cabling systems, including: 
  • Data and/or voice integrated cabling systems
  • Horizontal cabling to the desktop 
  • Fibre-optic cabling to the desktop or between sites or campuses 
  • Patching phone lines, such as PABX, MDF, IDF, and FDP for VOIP systems
  • Testing and levelling using the latest testers
• Vendor Certifications: 
  • Panduit
  • Commscope
  • TE Connectivity (AMP & Krone)
  • Seimon
  • And More
We can also offer multi-vendor cabling certification valid for up to 25 years. As the Wollongong areas industry leaders in cabling and wireless network technology, we can provide installations of recognised and respected brand names including Clipsal, TE Connectivity (Krone and AMP), and Panduit.

To find out how we can help you, call us on 02 4254 3900 today.

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